An organization to promote civic literacy
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A book by Jeffrey R. Orenstein, Ph.D.
Published 2020. More relevant than ever in 2022.

American democracy depends on informed and active citizens. Without a critical mass of public-minded citizens with the skills and knowledge to vote and impact public policy effectively, democracy will wither and die. We’re dedicated to making sure that does not happen.

But American democracy is in trouble. Billionaires buy political offices, politicians use gerrymandering and voter suppression to try to sway elections, some question the results of elections despite evidence to the contrary and special interests run roughshod over majorities. If that is not enough, civility and bipartisanship are endangered species

Democracy is under threat like never before. If we do nothing, it could wither away.

Want to get involved? Start by reading this practical, non-partisan handbook for concerned citizens and policy makers and learn how to make American government more democratic…essential reading for those who believe in democracy.

Want to do more? Support civic literacy in your community. Check back with this site in early 2023 and learn how to become a first responders for democracy. You can make a difference.

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Author Jeff Orenstein discussing Saving American Democracy
on WWSB TV in Sarasota on March 24, 2020

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