Six ways to support First Responders for Democracy.

  1. Be an Influencer

Want to be an influencer for civic literacy and democracy?

If you are willing to post on social media on our behalf, write letters to the editor, contribute an op-ed to your local newspapers, talk on our behalf to your local civic  group or help us partner with local education and civic-minded groups, we can use your help! Click here: Please Be An Influencer for Civic Literacy!

2. Explore Our Content
Take advantage of the extensive research and curricular resources posted on our Resources page. Reach out to us if you have additional resources to suggest.

3. Give Us Feedback
We want to know what you are doing to promote civic literacy. Please share your projects and successes with us. It takes a village!

4. Tell a Friend
Let a friend or colleague who cares about civic literacy know who we are and what we offer.

5. Donate
If you believe in civic literacy, please consider donating to our cause. Your money will go directly to programs.

6. Join Us
We are stronger together. please join us as a volunteer or candidate for our Advisory Board.