Making A Difference

I have long been motivated by a quote attributed to John F. Kennedy. “One person can make a difference and every person should try.” That’s why my wife and I started First Responders For Democracy. We knew that making a difference is hard but it’s easier with the help of others.

We recruited some talented and committed people for our board and plunged ahead.

Now, as we start our second year, it is time to reflect on our goals, build on our first year progress and work on our plans for this year.

Our Goals. As a non-partisan, nonprofit organization of people who care passionately about how we can help make a difference for our shaky democracy our short-term goal is to think globally but act locally, for practical reasons. We’re focusing on assisting and supporting citizens, educators and organizations who are the first responders for democracy. We’ll give them ammunition for the fight by providing information, tactics and advice on how to think to apply critical thinking to democracy and act effectively.

Our Initial Accomplishments. In our first year, we focused on laying the groundwork for success.

  • We recruited some exceptional citizens for our start-up board of directors.
  • We did the legal and organizational work to incorporate as a non-profit Florida corporation and earned our federal 501c3 status, a milestone achievement for a new organization.
  • Our initial outreach was to launch our website, Facebook and LinkedIn presence. We also   presented programs to a Rotary Club, a local political club, the Glenridge Academy, the Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning at Ringling College and a local veterans organization..

The Tasks Before Us

Now, building on our foundation, we’re focusing on launching programs on:        

  • How Government Affects Your Personal Finances

  • What You Can Do To Be A Smarter Voters and Successful Citizen

  • Encouraging non-voters to register and reminding them to vote.

  • Reaching students under 18 in schools and elsewhere with information on understanding how our government actually works and how to be a savvy citizen.

Would you like to know more? Would you like to make your difference and join us? Please email me at The democracy you help save may  be your own.

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