Here’s a Checklist for You.

First Responders For Democracy advocates civic literacy for all Americans. How do you know if you are civically literate? Here is a checklist. Give yourself a check for each one that describes you.

  • You are registered to vote and actually vote.

  • You know basic American history.

  • You can name the branches of American government and describe how they are related to each other.

  • You can define liberty and equality and how they affect each other.
  • You have a good grasp on the relative role of the Individual and the political system.

  • You understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizen participation in a democracy.

  • You can compare American political institutions to those of at least three different foreign governments.

  • You understand the government role in the economy.
  • You know what to do to influence public policy.

  • You have a basic understanding of international geography, politics and interdependence.
  • You understand what causes political change and its consequences.

  • You are a critical political thinker who uses basic logic, can distinguish facts from values and are media-savvy.

  • You follow current events most of the time
  • You can name all three of your elected federal representatives, your governor and at least two local elected officials.  

So how did you do? If you got 5 or under checks, you need review. If you got between 6 and ten, you’re a good citizen. If you got more than 10, you deserve an advanced degree in political science.


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